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For people who want to replace a lost tooth, dental implants may be an effective and lasting solution.

Dental implants act as an artificial root on which subsequently is placed an abutment that will receive the crown.


This looks, feels and works like a natural tooth.

Implants are basically built with titanium, a strong and safe material that effectively achieves an integration with the bone, under appropriate conditions .


Dental implants can be used in a wide variety of situations, either to replace one or more teeth. Can be used as anchor to support a fixed bridge from one implant to another, and even to restore a full jaw in a fixed or removable way.


Dental implants have many advantages, and everyday are increasing the patients seeking for them.

The requirements to be a candidate for dental implants are basically to have good oral and general health, and enough bone to place them.

 If if the bone is insufficient, there are procedures by which the lost bone can be regenerated either before placement of implants or in the same surgery in which they are placed.


Dental implants carry a basically three-step process:

 1. The implant placement through a simple surgery.
It is essential to avoid smoking during healing, which deteriorates the healing process of the gum and bone.

 2. The second stage is the Osseointegration (period when the bone heals and adheres to the implant). It goes from 3-6 months depending on the situation.

 3. Rehabilitation stage, when the new tooth or prosthesis is placed retained by the implants



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